Fall of France:

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Who was involved:
France, Germany, Britain.
The three main countries involved were France, Germany, and Britain. The French were allied with the British at the time. It was this bond between the countries that saved the the French army during the rescue at Dunkirk
Where/When Did it Happen:
Northern France May-June 1940
What Happened:
The Fall of France started on May 10th, 1940. It was on this date where Germany launched an air raid on France. Brutally bombing the country, the French and the British were then pushed northward because of the Germans invaded through the heavily wooded Ardennes Forest. Hitler moved through the forest so his troops could invade push it's way into the country without being noticed. Now that Nazi troops were now on French land, Hitler used blitzkrieg offensive maneuvering to push the Allies northward, their backs face the sea. They "choked" the Allied troops in the Brussel area of France and they surrounded them and closed the army in. The Allied troops were now pinned with no where to escape. Just as the situation was looking to bleak, the British saved the defenseless soldiers with the help of their strong navy. Saving the soldiers was a remarkable and unforgettable move by the British. Through this risky operation 338,000 men were saved thanks to the Royal Navy/ Airforce. Although lives were saved by the British, France was now helpless in defending their homeland. The Germans had now broken through their line of defense and their biggest fear was sadly fulfilled. On June 22nd, 1940 French leaders had no choice to surrender; the Nazis yet again had taken over another European land. With no way of sending troops in, French land was open for the Germans. It was at this time where it is commonly known as " The Fall of France"

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Rescue of Dunkirk and Fall of France
The rescue of Dunkirk most importantly showed that Britain's alliance with France will stay strong during WW2. Also, the event, dubbed " Operation Dynamo" boosted British morale which was needed at the time because the Nazi uprising was getting powerful. Next, when the French troops retreated, it foreshadowed the defeat of France, because the Germans would have the land to themselves. Later on the Nazis capture the capital Paris, and France had lost all of their power to Germany. This event was very significant, because it was the last straw of France's patience with Germany. All along, they had let Germans do as they please, but when they took their capital the French had to fight for their liberty. The fact the France had German occupation, the Allies now had something to fight for, they now had a motivation to risk million's a men's lives. This invasion of France was the "last stand" beucase now Hitler was in fact going to take over the rest of Europe now that the French were taken care of. It is this action by Hitler to invade France that creates a very famouse operation called D-Day. The Fall of France was a strong motivation for the Americans as well as the rest of Europe to crush the Nazi uprising and get back French soil. Without this event happening, Germany could have France taken over to this present day. WW2 could also have been altered, because Germany could have won with French land.

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