World War II was considered by many to be the greatest event or period of the 20th century. For six long years, the world was consumed by a War in Europe and another war in the Pacific. The war in Europe began first and also ended first, but probably had the most significant impact on the world during the 2nd half of the 20th century. Your class will study important battles and events of the European Theater of War during the World War II. Your specific group will be in charge of creating a page for your specific event. For each event, explain Who was involved, Where it took place, What happened, and How it impacted the course of events in the war. You should also use visuals to further enhance the story and significance of your event.

images.jpg Fall of France and Rescue at Dunkirk

Battle of Britain

North Africa

Battle of Stalingrad

Italian Campaign


Battle of Bulge

Operation Barbarossa